Below is a list of questions which we hope you find helpful. If you have a question which isn't listed you can ask your question here.

Will we still be able to use the park?

Yes, current access to the park and council car park will be maintained.

Will there be more traffic, especially in the morning rush hour?

Based on experience from nearby Harris Academy Greenwich, very few students will arrive by car. There will be an agreed school travel plan.

Why do we need another school? Isn't Crown Woods enough?

The opening of a new boys’ school in the borough will help to address the gender balance of places required in Greenwich. 

Will there be parking? 

This will be addressed in the travel plan. There will be parking spaces for staff and limited visitor parking provided.

Will park users still be able to park?

Yes. The council owned car park will remain accessible.

Will local organisations be able to use the school's facilities out of hours, weekends and in school holidays?

Subject to safeguarding protocols the school can accommodate use by the local community.

What will happen to the Winter Garden?

These proposals do not include or propose any works to the Winter Garden.

What parts are you demolishing?

The buildings east of the Mansion House (except original toilet) and later additions to the remainder of the buildings will be demolished. All heritage assets will be retained and sensitively refurbished.

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